A Seven Point Checklist for Selecting a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly Manufacturer


Inch. Location: Selecting a contract manufacturer that’s in just a drivable distance from your business gives you greater flexibility and agility to adapt to changing conditions especially when a deadline is imminent. A PCB assembly provider that is on your regional field also is significantly more suitable when site studies will need to be conducted so when a shortage of materials and components does occur.

2. Do they have new or obsolete pcb manufacturers in usa equipment? Would be your pick-and-place machines, reflow ovens, and even wave soldering equipment well maintained? Assessing their maintenance logs can supply you with the confidence the organization is intent on quality. This builds trust in the company partnership.

3. Meeting Staff Certifications: To ensure the PCB contract assembler may complete your production conduct using schedule necessitates not only well maintained equipment, but also a certified team of meeting technicians. Thus, examine the certificate and training records of this assembly team. Ensure they have got the technical credentials to enable them to carry out their delegated tasks. For all those staff members who are not certified, check in their advancement in the certificate procedure.

4. Quality Systems: Why does the assembly company have an excellent system in place such as ISO 9001:2008? This needs to really be the minimum certification achieved by the enterprise to make certain they can deliver an excellent product. In case it has yet another superior system set up could be the provider now certified by a qualified registrar? Finally, would the PCB assembly company accept spend money on becoming certified to precisely the same quality system for the own company? By doing this, it means the business is devoted to a longterm business model with you.

5. Shipping Deadlines: The ability to fulfill shipment deadlines is a critical metric for you to determine if your contract manufacturer has the capacity, resources and personnel to fulfill your company requirements. When it’s possible, obtain records out of the PCB manufacturer seeing their capacity to meet deadlines. Obtain a detailed understanding of that is fabricating the PCBs and at which they are produced.

6. Parts Procurement: Conduct an overview of these procurement section. Do they assert an adequate at-home stock? Are their vendors regional, local, or diverse and what exactly is the character of those vendor relationships? Are the connections close enough such that cost discounts can readily be passed down to youpersonally? How does their procurement department deal with hard-to-fine or obsolete parts? Do they’ve trucking specialists who have expertise insourcing replacement parts for obsolete components? Would they choose your schematics/drawings and develop a Bill of Materials with little or no assistance by you?

7. Cost Effective Pricing: Considering that labour rates vary, you should get an itemized breakdown of the entire cost of manufacturing. Confirm what’s included in the manufacturing expenses. Then you should run a cost comparison analysis to establish if their costs are commensurate with the industry average and their competitors. Ensure you have and accurate contrast of costs and also the bottomline price.

By using this 7-point checklist above, you are able to accurately determine if a certain PCB Assembly House can be really a good fit for the business and PCB assembly needs.

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