Forex Software – Gambling Your Future on the Forex Market

Forex software is marketed as the quickest, easiest way to make some easy cash, some even make crazy claims such as quadrupling your investment and so forth. Not only this but you can purchase this goose complete with golden eggs for the price of a nice family meal at a decent restaurant in many cases.

Well if you think that you can achieve all this without any effort then perhaps you deserve to lose your money. If you can put the dreams of the Bahamas on the back burner for a moment and actually look at things rationally, you would realise that in the main, these promises are all a crock. First of all, it is FACT that 95% or more of Forex traders do not make money and often take a large financial hit. Second, if it were so darn easy to make money through inexpensive pieces of software, wouldn’t ever single, solitary person have done this by now?

“Yes” you say, “but like you they are cynics, and will not try out the software to see that it does indeed work”. This maybe true, but if these pieces of software were giving out these incredible claims, there would be many success stories printed throughout the world’s media that were not tainted by association with the product in question. Instead we are forced to endure the usual hyperbole strewn ‘claims’ which often are backed up by little more than the word of the maker.

What these machines are in fact are highly fashionable ways of going from perhaps middle-class respectability to accepting change in a Styrofoam cup on a icy, urine soaked stairwell. The tone of this article is harsh, but it needs to be in order to highlight the dangers in chasing easy money. There could be in fact, quite excellent Forex software out there, but it is essential to do your homework. The scenario I depicted so vividly above is what can happy when someone thinks they can make a living on the wild Forex market without first making the effort to analyse the market and the software that claims to make the market easier to comprehend. When dealing in trading, tread wisely and carefully.

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